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Monster Ecologies

Monster Ecologies showcases monster histories, physiologies, psychologies, and societies from the pages of Dragon Magazine. I appear twice in this special magazine, for the Ecology of the Will-o'-Wisp and the Ecology of the Lizardfolk.


Dragons of Eberron This ultra-cool Eberron supplement all about our favorite colossal scaled beasties comes out this October. Written with Nicolas Logue, Scott Fitzgerald Gray, and Keith Baker.

World of Warcraft: Monster Guide The Monster Guide is finally here! Everybody cheer!

World of Darkness: Urban Legends My first World of Darkness book.

Secrets of Xen'drik An Eberron supplement published by Wizards of the Coast, written by Jason Bulmahn, Keith Baker and myself.

Spell Compendium I didn't compile this book (it was designed by Matthew Sernett, Jeff Grubb, and my most excellent editor, Mike McArtor), but it culled several spells from my "Blessings of War" article, which appeared in Dragon #299.

Horde Player's Guide A World of Warcraft d20 supplement I worked on with a team of talented writers. Also my first published World of Warcraft book!

Web Articles

Giant in the Playground Games:

The Duke's Wolf
Deadeye Deegan and the Longshot Gang
The Literati Part 1
The Literati Part 2
The Literati Part 3
This Old Rule: Knowledge Checks

World of Farland:

In The Dark
Infiltrator prestige class

Dungeon Magazine

"Urban Decay", #138

Dragon Magazine

"Manifestly Strange," with intro by Keith Baker, #353
"Fighter Guide," #353
"Sorcerer Guide," #352
"Cleric Guide," #351
"Rogue Guide," #350
"Poisonmaking Guide," #349
"The Ranger Guide," #347
First Watch, #346
"Giants of Xen'drik," with Jason Bulmahn, #345
"Hunting the Wyrm," #344
"Backgrounds," #338
"Purification Feats," Paladin Class Act, #337
"Ecology of the Lizardfolk," with Wes Schneider, #335
"Swamp Swag," #335
"Nasty, Brutish, and Short," #335
"Flights of Fancy," #330
"Ecology of the Will-o'Wisp," #328
"Ecology of the Duergar," #325
"Blessings of War," #299
...and many more that I can't post because my mom stole the issues I was published in! To display for company. As if they actually play D&D.;*

*My cowriter, John Ling, asked me what Luke thinks of ending sentences with a preposition. He and several others also pointed out the existence of DragonDex. To them I say, fie! Don't stifle my ungrammatical creativity and, um, laziness!

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