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Of all the pages on all the sites in all the world wide web, you've washed up on mine. I'm Amber Scott,expired domains South Africa freelance writer and game designer in the RPG industry. That's roleplaying games, not rocket propelled grenade launchers. I've done work for Wizards of the Coast, Blizzard Entertainment, Paizo Publishing, Giant in the Playground Games, the World of Farland, and White Wolf. I'm a frequent contributor to Dragon Magazine.seo sydney My hobbies include miniature painting and playing in steam tunnels.

Why Medesha Freelancing, you might ask? You'd better not; my editor/developer, Luke Johnson, discourages me from beginning paragraphs with a question I immediately answer. Medesha is my web identity, one of my first D&D; characters, and now the pseudonymous name of my website. Special thanks to S. Baker, who designed these pages, and Carlo-Jesse Miozzi, who designed my logo.

Check the credits page for my latest appearances, and this page for news updates.

News 4/03/08

Like so many others, I was deeply saddened today to learn of Gary Gygax's passing.wayback machine alternative Dungeons & Dragons made a huge impact on me, and the industry can only suffer with the loss of such an intelligent and creative man. I wish I'd taken the time to meet him. May he rest in peace.

I'm working on many projects right now I should be able to announce soon, though my heart doesn't feel in it at the moment. What sad news.

News 13/02/08

Welcome to 2008! First of all, thank you to everyone who sent warm wishes, flowers,book of mormon tickets and teddy bears to me during the last few weeks. A rather serious surgery sidelined me for a time, but now I'm looking forward to returning to good health and frequent contributions to the game industry!

4th Edition is the term on everyone's lips, sometimes with an inflection more commonly lion king tickets applied to four-letter words. I haven't decided what I think of 4E yet, mainly because I haven't seen it. But I'm not convinced that I want or need a new game system at the moment. I'm withholding judgement, but WotC is going to have to work really hard to convince me 4E is something I need to buy.

Some of my thoughts on 4E, the death of Dragon, and gaming in general appeared recently in D.J. Quinn's article The Last Die Is Cast. Check it out.

Tell your loved ones you love them. Happy Valentine's Day!

News 06/20/07

I subscribed to the Kobold Quarterly. Did you?

My reasons for subscribing are threefold: one, it's an independent e-zine full of gaming tidbits and Open Design content, and I love supporting independent industry contributors; two, Wolfgang Baur is in charge of the project as creator and contributor (and we all know how awesome Wolfgang Baur is!); three, my friend and fellow gamer Darren Calvert did the first issue's cover art. A kobold!

Really, what more could you ask for?

News 06/19/07

Monster Ecologies is now out! This "special magazine" contains tons of cool monster ecologies originally published in Dragon Magazine, including two by yours truly. Ecology of the Will-o'-Wisp was my second published ecology, and I still consider it to be my strongest piece. Ecology of the Lizardfolk, co-written with Wes Schneider, talks about hermaphroditic lizardfolk shaman. What more could you want in a supplement?

News 04/22/07

In late 2003, a letter appeared in Dragon Magazine requesting the publishers produce an "Ecology of the Duergar." Then-editor Matt Sernett replied that such a thing was unlikely to happen, because duergar just weren't sexy.

"I could make them sexy," I told John Ling.

"Then do it," he challenged.

By GenCon 2004, "Ecology of the Duergar" was in print (not as sexy as I'd hoped,aladdin tickets but definitely interesting). By then Matt Sernett was planning his move to the WotC offices, and Erik Mona and his gang had taken over Paizo. I met most of them briefly at GenCon that year -- I remember Wes Schneider enthusing about my article -- and produced several more articles for them over the next three months.

Then Jason, my husband, landed a job in Seattle. We moved to Bellevue, just a stone's throw from the Paizo offices. Heart in my throat, I emailed Mike McArtor and Wes and asked them if they'd like to do lunch. They said most certainly, and off we went to have pho.

Everyone showed up. Erik Mona, James Jacobs, Jason Bulmahn, Jeremy Walker...possibly several other people whose names started with J. Young James Sutter wasn't part of the team yet, as I recall. I remember the guys goofing off with the rotating condiment tray in the center of the table, Wes complimenting my shoes, and Erik seeming impressed when I said my favorite setting was Birthright. Afterwards we had ice cream.

At some point in all this, Mike asked, "Hey Jason, can Amber play in our Eberron game?" To which Jason replied, "Yes, alright, stop bothering me, you monkey."

With the news that Dungeon and Dragon magazines are ending, many game designers and industry participants have related their memories of the magazines, and their sorrow at this institution leaving us. Certainly I have fond memories of the magazine; I still recall the first Dungeon I ever held in my hand. I remember reading the short stories in Dragon to my husband when he was in the hospital. Many, many memories.

But those memories pale in comparison to my memories of the people behind the magazine. The hilarious times I spent gaming at the Paizo office. Mike and I teaming up against Bulmahn. The ninja jokes. My camera repeatedly failing at GenCon, to Wes's amusement. The guys' support as I fumbled about learning to be a writer, and their genuine joy when I landed my first WotC project. My grief when I left Seattle and the Paizo crew behind (and then came back and then left again. What can I say? We're tumbleweeds).

The death of the magazines hurts, but my fear for my friends hurt worse. I was afraid for their jobs, their security, their savings, and their emotional well-being. I wished I was in Bellevue again so I could run down to the office, call their names, hug them, sit and cry with them.

Now I see Pathfinder and all the other great things Paizo has to offer, and I'm mollified (somewhat). Of course the guys wouldn't sit around, moping, waiting for weepy girls to rush in and hug them. They sprang into action -- much like a ninja would. Subtlely. Building up their resources. Possibly deploying smoke bombs. I believe shuriken may have been involved at one point.

At any rate, they have plans, and I'm glad to be a part of them as a Pathfinder subscriber. I don't know the whys of the situation, and I don't know what to think of WotC. I've progressed beyond denial to the anger stage, which means I shouldn't say what I think anyway. I do know that Pathfinder is going to rock, that the Paizo team will always land on their feet (like a ninja), and that their little Canadian pirate chick will always stand beside them. Or behind them.

But not in front of them. Those shuriken are sharp.

News 03/01/07

I can talk about my projects now! Two of my books are scheduled for release this year. My first White Wolf project, World of Darkness: Urban Legends is coming out Sometime This Year. I got to write with Luke Johnson again, and many talented writers, and the book was really difficult (my first one not only in the World of Darkness, but using the new edition) but ultimately great (and fun!).

My second WotC project, Dragons of Eberron is due to be released in October. I wrote with Keith Baker again on this project, as well as Nicolas Logue and Scott Fitzgerald Gray. I almost passed out from the combined genius numerous times. The best thing about writing game supplements is meeting and working with all these incredible people.

Also I published my second Dragon Magazine feature, Manifestly Strange, in issue 353 (the weird "Malcanthet's head is falling off" issue). The article details three Eberron manifest zones. Rawr.

More news a'comin!

News 01/25/07

Happy New Year! This one should be great. My Savage Tide campaign rolls along across the ocean waves, and I'm really enjoying sitting in the DM's chair again. My party adopted a rust monster and named it Spork. Also their symbol is a giant ham. One of my players is a freelance illustrator, Darren Calvert, and he drew a fantastic picture of the party's logo, a ham before crossed oars. I'll see if I can get a scan. I can't talk about any of my projects yet, but when I can, I will!

News 12/09/06

In other news: I still can't remember if it's month/day/year or day/month/year. It used to be day/month in Canada, and month/day in the US, and now Canada is switching to the month/day system I believe, which is totally nonsensical as far as I'm concerned. At least until you hit the 13th of the month.

Updates to report! The Horde Player's Guide is out and is officially rocksome. I'm very happy with the work I did and the publicity the book garnered. I even got to do an mIRC interview with Luke Johnson; you can read the transcript here, though it's culled my awkwardly long pauses while I figured out how to use mIRC, and the comments of the listener who apparently wanted to marry me.

My four-part story, The Duke's Wolf, ran to conclusion on Rich Burlew's Giant in the Playground Games website, to warm reception by the readers. I don't think I've gotten so much fan mail in my life! Very heartening. There's no better feeling than writing something people love to read.

My Necromancer Games project soldiers along to very exciting results I hope to be able to talk about soon. And look for an upcoming feature in Dragon magazine written by yours truly.

And, in the most exciting news of all, I scored another project from Wizards of the Coast! Details to follow as they become available.

News 09/05/06

GenCon Afterword

Woo, GenCon. Where to start. Well it's taken almost a month for me to recover sufficiently to update my page. That should tell you something.

This year, for me, GenCon was more fun than games. I relaxed, touched base with friends and coworkers, and played a lot of Fury of Dracula. I had to do some work, too, but that was fun in a way. My demo for Paizo went exceptionally well -- I think I even sold a game! -- and I landed some work for Necromancer Games, thanks to my excellent friend Mike Proteau. If you haven't yet, check out Mike's first solo module for Necromancer, Shades of Gray.

I also had a fantastic lunch with several members of the S&S;/White Wolf/Arthaus writing world, as well as Luke Johnson and John Ling. Good times were had by all.

In other news, the Horde Player's Guide, which I worked on, should be out in November. Woohoo!

News 08/02/06

GenCon Update On Thursday night, I'll be speaking at the What's Up With Giant in the Playground Games? seminar at 7:00 pm. The schedule so far lists it as being held in the Mt. McKinley room of the Hyatt. I'll arrive a few minutes early, so if you want to speak to me or if you want me to sign your book, please come early. I won't be able to stay afterwards, though, as I have another engagement at 8 pm.

In addition, I'll be demoing the Compleat Adventures at the Paizo booth from 10 am to 12:30 pm on Friday, and from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm on Saturday. I'll be happy to talk or sign if you come by then.

News 07/26/06

GenCon! I will attend GenCon Indy this year, but my schedule is not yet finalized. On the menu: demoing the Compleat Adventure series for Paizo, speaking at the Giant in the Playground Games seminar, and lounging around looking cool. More details to come as, well, more details arrive.

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